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Las Vegas Carl's Jr.   

Whew....Where to start on this one?

We are downtown Las Vegas, Nevada, crusing the main strip, and see a nice looking (from the outside) Carl's Jr., and decide to go in for something to eat.

Now don't get me wrong. I like Carl's Jr., and have recomended it to several people.

Back to the review.

We entered the building, and proceeded to the counter to look at the overhead menus.

There was a lot of great looking food to chose from.

So after traveling for several hours, I decided to head to the restroom, and my finace was going ahead to order some food for us.

I opened the restroom door, and immediately turned around and headed back to the counter. It was AWEFUL in there. Let me just say, as I wont go into details, the toilet was full, and the floor around it was disgusting.

So back at the counter now, and my fiance had ordered me a hamburger and fries, and she ordered a chicken fillet burger, and onion rings, and also a small order of spicy chicken strips for us to share. This all came to around $19.00 bucks. Not too bad.

All good until the food arived. When she opened her chicken fillet burger up, it turned out to be fish, not chicken. Ok so no biggy they made a mistake. She took it back to the counter and a minute later she was brought another burger. This time it was a chicken fillet alright, but the bun was about 4 inches across and the chicken was only about 2x3 inches if that. Very dissapointing. She tore the bun off around the chicken and let me say, there was more bun on the tray, than around the chicken when she was done.

There was about 4-5 onion rings in the carton, so that may not be a good deal. the fries were pretty good though.

My hamburger was good. Not as big and well built as other Carls Jr's I have eaten at, but it was ok.

All in all we left a large portion of them eal on the tray when we left. And probably should have high tailed it out of there once I had seen the restroom condition.

My opinion, and that is all it is, if this was the last place open in Las Vegas, and you are starving....sure have a bite to eat here, but if you want a good deal, good food, and something close to clean restrooms, you better just move on!

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 Re: Las Vegas Carl's Jr.
It seemed to me at the entrance was always a plate with a timetable for the cleanup. There is a fixed time and the person who conducted the cleaning. The standard was, it seems, one every half hour. So strange that in LV Carl's Jr. had been created this mess. Actually, after that you had to leave, because the impression had been irrevocably damaged. There eating a burger in the head will unwittingly to draw pictures of dirty toilets.

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